Wendat Gilwellians


The Wendat Contingent is a Gilwell Association originally made up of Gilwellians from the former South Georgian Bay and Kempenfelt Bay Districts.

In 1998 the old SGB-KBD Gilwell group chose the new WENDAT name to help bring us together as one entity, with one badge.  Our badge has the colours of both of the former districts (red/brown/yellow) with a circle of friends around a campfire.  The campfire comes from the SGB badge and the red canoe is from the KBD badge.  Because we are all basically from the Huronia area we felt that WENDAT (meaning “Huron”) would reflect our geographical roots.


Our current executive is as follows:

President:  Lynn Rogers

Vice-President:  Jean Cowper

Treasurer / Registrar:  Judi Chartrand

Secretary:  Donna Tomlinson

Quartermaster:  Linda Murray

Welcoming Committee:  Dave Oag


Membership list:  Some of our members are active participants in the Gilwell reunion each year; others are more loosely associated with us.


Trudy Aylward             

Shayne Aylward           

Brian Bahlmann              

Cindy Billings                      

Richard Billings                   

Jim Brooks               

Harvey Brooks            

Bette Bull                

Jan Cadeau                

Pam Champagne            

Judi Chartrand           

Barb Coulter                     

Rob Coulter               

Jean Cowper              

Madeline Edwards        

David Forkutza           

Scott Gallinger           

Marg Hammond            

Colin Hampton            

Rose Marie Harris       

Mike Hendy               

Suzanne Hussey          

Rob Johnston             

Alex Kleiner              

Gary Lister               

Bob Main                  

Ernie Marshall

Mark McCutcheon

Marlene Mills             

Wayne Morrison          

Chuck Mitchell            

Kim Murison              

Peter Murison            

Linda Murray             

Ed Murray                

Heather Osetti          

Doug Osmond             

Linda Osmond             

Karen Rutledge           

John Rutledge            

Bonnie Saunders

Ron Saunders

Dennine Scott            

Paul Scott                

Kim Sharer                

Larry Sharer             

Betty Sharpe             

Sally Sibbald

Mark Stubbings           

Terry Sullivan            

Donna Tomlinson          

Dan Wakelin