Ross March was an employee of Geac from 1973-1980. Ross was involved in the installation of Geac systems for school boards, Canada Manpower and retail banking. Before joining Geac, Ross worked for Lincoln County Board of Education. When Geac installed a system at their office in 1973, Ross was hired to initially run the operation at the school board. Ross then went to Vancouver to become Geac's Project/Site Manager for a system being implemented at Canada Manpower. In late 1978, Ross returned to Toronto to become Site Manager of Geac's installation at Canada Permanent Trust.

Ross died on April 26, 1980 from a heart attack while dancing the night away at a family gathering. Geac was a small (not too small), close family at that time and many Geacers attended the funeral.

Ross was a kind man and good friend. In fact it was Ross who taught me some of the finer points of golf and because of his tips I was able to break the magic 100 score. Ross, an avid golfer, was instrumental in organizing the first Geac golf tournament in 1978 which was more of an informal event. The Ross March Memorial Golf Tournament started in 1980 and we have a trophy that bears the names of all the winners. The dedication on the trophy is 'To commemorate 7 years of co-operation, mutual respect and friendship'.

Phil Stevens