The Dimple Cup Challenge - 2016


Mill Run   27.5   Bradford Highlands   22.5
Fourball_1 Ryan McIntyre, Cam Hadley Phil Stevens, Ryan Lamb
Fourball_2 Leo Colamartino, Matt Savage Max Grasso, Brad Friesner
Fourball_3 Steve Wood, Glenn Coppin Bob Desjardins, Mike Pare
Fourball_4 Josh Watson, Bryn Jones Mike Donnelly, George Murray
Fourball_5 Ray Auld, Rod Auld Halved Jeff Sheardown, Richard Russell
Fourball_6 Andre Seguin, Mitch Smith Charlie Banting, Bill Lotto
Fourball_7 Neil Baghel, Bill Cockburn Grant Rose, Rob Jaeger
Fourball_8 Larry Barrie, Gary Russell Halved Brian Dean, Pete Catania
Fourball_9 Colin Wood, Dale Russell Mike Muzychka, Brian Dormer
Fourball_10 Brett Jackson, Brian Coppin Chuck Guteluis, Jeff Levine
Alternate_1 Ryan McIntyre - Cam Hadley Halved Phil Stevens - Ryan Lamb
Alternate_2 Leo Colamartino - Matt Savage Max Grasso - Brad Friesner
Alternate_3 Steve Wood - Glenn Coppin Bob Desjardins - Mike Pare
Alternate_4 Josh Watson - Bryn Jones Mike Donnelly - George Murray
Alternate_5 Ray Auld - Rod Auld Jeff Sheardown - Richard Russell
Alternate_6 Andre Seguin - Mitch Smith Charlie Banting - Bill Lotto
Alternate_7 Neil Baghel - Bill Cockburn Grant Rose - Rob Jaeger
Alternate_8 Larry Barrie - Gary Russell Brian Dean - Pete Catania
Alternate_9 Colin Wood - Dale Russell Mike Muzychka - Brian Dormer
Alternate_10 Brett Jackson - Brian Coppin Chuck Guteluis - Jeff Levine
Betterball_1 Bill Cockburn - Ralph Marascio Max Grasso - Brian Dormer
Betterball_2 Barry Ferguson - Neil Baghel Halved Mike Muzychka - Pete Catania
Betterball_3 Wayne Newmarch - John Lester Phil Stevens - Mike Pare
Betterball_4 Steve Wood - Larry Barrie Brian Dean - Bob Desjardins
Betterball_5 Dale Russell - Mike Moore George Murray - Chuck Guteluis
Betterball_6 Leo Colamartino - Mitch Smith Rob Jaeger - Grant Rose
Betterball_7 Ryan McIntyre - Brad MacDonald Ryan Carothers - Charlie Banting
Betterball_8 Kyle Norton - Mark Laffan Jeff Levine - Mike Donnelly
Betterball_9 Glenn Coppin - Brian Coppin Halved Jeff Sheardown - Richard Russell
Betterball_10 Cam Hadley - Matt Savage Ryan Lamb - Brad Friesner
Individual_1 Bill Cockburn Max Grasso
Individual_2 Ralph Marascio Brian Dormer
Individual_3 Barry Ferguson Mike Muzychka
Individual_4 Neil Baghel Pete Catania
Individual_5 Wayne Newmarch Phil Stevens
Individual_6 John Lester Halved Mike Pare
Individual_7 Steve Wood Brian Dean
Individual_8 Larry Barrie Bob Desjardins
Individual_9 Dale Russell George Murray
Individual_10 Mike Moore Halved Chuck Guteluis
Individual_11 Leo Colamartino Rob Jaeger
Individual_12 Mitch Smith Grant Rose
Individual_13 Ryan McIntyre Ryan Carothers
Individual_14 Brad MacDonald Charlie Banting
Individual_15 Kyle Norton Jeff Levine
Individual_16 Mark Laffan Mike Donnelly
Individual_17 Glenn Coppin Jeff Sheardown
Individual_18 Brian Coppin Richard Russell
Individual_19 Cam Hadley Ryan Lamb
Individual_20 Matt Savage Brad Friesner

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