Teams 2018

Wild Ones

Wild Ones are a mix of new and returning players this season. Every game is more of a social gathering for this team, but we like winning enough to keep the games interesting.

Returning Players: Bob, Markus and our part timers Courtney and Jeff O.

New Faces: Carolyn, Jeff B, Dave, Jarrett, Neil, Harley, Jack, Marc.

Fan Club: Bob and Timo.

Team Contact: Garnet Rushton.

JD Barnes

Team Contact: Dario Santilli.


A Marvelous collection of current, former and future former current players. Taran and Quinn said they can put together 5-6-7 players.

Team Contact: Mark McGowan.

Instant Noodles

New Team.

Team Contact: ??????.

Brew Crew (defunct)

The Brew Crew is a team that originally included 2 members from the Wild Ones Neil and Lou which branched out and recruited friends and family as a front to drink beers which resulted in a new team called the "Brew Crew".

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