2018 Playoff Results

Games Played

Date Winners Losers Highlights
September 6
Wild Ones10 JD Barnes7 Entered by MM: Not positive of Score but close enough. Fun and close game to Ump by me. Lots of great plays by both teams.
September 11
Instant Noodles22 Avengers8 Exciting game
September 13
Wild Ones2 Avengers1 Score not reported but Wild Ones won.
September 18
Wild Ones14 Instant Noodles6 A great game with terrific pitching - as Ump I had a close up view of how good it was from both teams - and good defence on both sides but in the end good hitting by the WO combined with a shortage of players on the Noodles side left too many holes in the field and too many Auto-Outs to mount the offence needed to keep pace with the WO runs. Of special note was Terry of JDB (attending as a spectator) offering and playing back-catcher (including defensively) for both teams so both teams could have more players in the field (WO were 1 short, IN more than that). Thanks to Dario for volunteering to Ump - great job! And then there was what I am calling a Cal Ripken experience - this needs to be documented: Noodler female Aileen Wong hit a dead centre field 2 run inside-the-park Homer that was worth the price of admission! For this she received an early MVP prize as she is off to holidays as of today.
September 20
Wild Ones22 Instant Noodles18 On a cooler - but nowhere near a cold as many finals - the Wild Ones were able to finish off a Championship season with a 22-18 win over the JDNoodles Combo team. Once again the pitching was outstanding on both teams - this really blew me away in case you didn't notice ;-) The roster depleted Noodles were allowed by the Wild Ones to borrow some JDB players - Terry, John, Trish - Thanks guys (used gender neutral). The WO even waived the Auto Out for a shortage of third female. This spirit of sportsmanship must be applauded. But alas, while putting up a valiant fight right to last out, the the JDNoodles couldn't quite match the bats of the Wild Ones. My MVP choice for the Wild Ones - see last game for Noodles choice Aileen - was Adam who umped a game for me, finally got his double play! and sealed the deal by being the only guy who had a cold beverage for Ump - Me! - after the game. Congrats to both teams for supplying such an entertaining final game.


Team Games Runs
Played Won Lost Tied For Against
Wild Ones 4 4 0 0 48 32
Instant Noodles 3 1 2 0 46 44
Avengers 2 0 2 0 9 24
JD Barnes 1 0 1 0 7 10

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Last updated September 27/2018